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Red Alert 2 Pc Game Downloads

Red Alert 2 pc game downloads
Red Alert 2 pc game downloads

Go buy this game. Alright now, let's back that up with some facts. Red Alert 2 is one of the most polished, best-conceived, and downright enjoyable real-time strategy games in recent memory. There's an amazing depth to the tactics of the game, a good range of missions in the single player campaign and a kind of slightly ridiculous aspect to the story that lets you now that the game is supposed to be fun. Having said that I should caution you that Red Alert 2 does not offer the same kind of revolution in basic game design that so many of us expected of Westwood's last sequel, Tiberian Sun. This is not the 'next big thing' in strategy games and it certainly won't have the impact on the genre that early Westwood titles did. But what Red Alert 2 is, is one of the finest explorations of what can be done without taking the genre beyond its present limitations.

The game is still about harvesting resources to build structures to buy units, but what seems tired and worn-out in other games is inspired in this game. Granted, it's a formula but it's a formula because it works and only Starcraft and Age of Empires have done it as well. A large part of the success of Red Alert 2 comes from its smooth control system, comfortable menus and intuitive balancing. While it does add a few impressive gimmicks (garrisoning units in buildings and tech structures to name two), Red Alert 2 stands out because it's completely familiar to us while still being fresh.

One of the most rewarding and hardest to quantify factors of RA2 is unit balance. And when you've got three separate theaters in which to operate, unit balance becomes that much more difficult. The units in RA2 are an amazing mix of land, sea and air forces. And better than not having any of the units be totally worthless, the folks at Westwood have gone out of their way to make sure that each of the units has a particular role to play in your overall strategy. Let's just take the sea units for example. The Allies can produce Carriers that are very slow but can launch repeated attacks against distant enemy installations. Destroyers must accompany the Carriers to defend them from Sub attacks. Aegis Cruisers provide a convenient air defense while the undetectable Dolphins protect against Soviet Squids.

The game also comes with numerous special weapons of a suitably fantastic nature. The Allies have access to a Weather Control Device that rains (literally) thunderous destruction on your enemies. Simply pick a target, sit back and watch the clouds roll in. The Chronosphere is a little more sophisticated than the Weather Controller is. It permits you to shift units (yours or your enemies) from one area of the battlefield to another instantaneously. The Soviets have a Nuclear Missile that can erase large sections of your base in an instant as well as an Iron Curtain device that can render vehicles and structures invulnerable for a short time. In the interests of balance, all players are automatically alerted when one of these structures is built and are given a countdown to let them know when the device will come online. Additionally, the shroud is removed from around the superweapons so all players can have a chance to take them out. I was surprised that the superweapons were so well balanced. They can certainly win a game for you, but it's also possible to rally after a superweapon attack and take the fight to your enemy.

 Ra 2 System Requirements

System: PII 266 or equivalent
Video Memory: 2 MB VRAM
Hard Drive Space: 350 MB
Mouse: Yes
Sound Board: Yes
DirectX: DirectX v7.0a

 Ra2 Downloads


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