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Command and conquer yuri's revenge

Command and conquer yuri's revenge 1.001
yuri's revenge (1.001) + Redalert2 (1.006)
Around the office there have been only a handful of strategy games that totally dominated our late night hours, and Red Alert 2 is at the top of the list. With the fantastic production values, RA2 is easily one of the slickest 2D RTS games we've seen yet. And now, Westwood is giving us even more love with the "largest expansion pack in Westwood's history." The new game, gratuitously titled Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, a Red Alert 2 Expansion Pack, is due out this fall with dozens of new units, buildings and technologies, a whole new side, a brand new campaign and a host of other options.

At the end of Red Alert 2, Yuri had disappeared and, in our ignorance, presumed dead. But the Allies and Soviets would've done better to check up on the psychic psychotic. Although he did much to help the Soviets during the war, he eventually broke with them completely and went into hiding to form his own army. Why bother being Romanov's right-hand man if you can manage to rise above him, right? Now it's up to the former enemies to band together to stop Yuri.

The new campaign sees the Soviet and Allies cooperating to combat the threat posed by Yuri. There will fourteen missions in the campaign in such "exotic" locales as Seattle, San Francisco and Hollywood. To add a little international appeal players will also find themselves fighting battles in London, Transylvania and Cairo. There are even rumors that there will be some sort of battle on the surface of the moon. Chic. In typical Red Alert fashion there will be opportunities for you to travel through time battling the psychic minions of the misguided maniac Yuri. And for those who don't like playing alone, there are ten new cooperative missions to choose from as well.

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Command and conquer yuri's revengeCommand and conquer yuri's revenge




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